Dear member of the European Parliament,

The “plataforma vecinal no a la autovía del bancal” (neighbor’s platform against the terrace’s motorway) has formally submitted a petition aiming the cancellation of the «autovía del bancal» (the terrace’s highway) project. Such petition has been admitted by the European Parliament with the record / reference number :0474/2018.

The present situation of the such petition may be followed through the following link:


The area on which the charted route of the motorway has an impact has a huge strategic, economic and food-production related value for the whole of Murcia, Spain, as well as for Europe, as reckoned by the Dobris 2015 report, the objectives of the European 2020-2030 sustainability agenda, and the agreements on food-related sovereignty and sustainability subscribed by the institutions which advocate for the defense of such kind of territories.

Please find attached a letter (in Spanish) explaining on which grounds we advocate in favor of such petition upon the European Parliament, requesting its support.

Moreover, we have been regularly updating the 0474/2018 record file with new documents referring to such petition. All the related documents are to be found on the such file record.

Do not hesitate in contacting us for any query to the following e-mail address : noalaautoviadelbancal@gmail.com.

Yours faithfully,